Welcome to Humanimal Designs

Here You will find all of my latest works and creations. Please note that all content is strictly for entertainment purposes. Any abstracts or visuals you may see in any image is unique only to your perception of the image.

  • You Don’t Have To Be Happy
    Being happy isn’t always an option and that’s OK! Today’s topic on mental fortitude.
  • Moonfall 2022
    I recently had the pleasure of watching the new movie Moonfall yesterday. Being an avid fan of space exploration, this was right up my alley. I have to say I wasn’t really disappointed either. I believe that the cast was adequate in playing their roles and that the movie moved along at a fairly decent […]
  • Worth A Thousand Words
    We often take pictures to associate with memories, good times we celebrated with friends and family, from graduations and birthdays to promotions and marriages. The pictures are a lovely reminder of the times a person has had and often make for great stories. Have you ever stared into an abstract painting and found yourself in […]
  • Where Dreams Go
    If you’ve ever felt lost or empty, If you don’t know who you are or why you’re here. I understand you, I feel what you feel. I have asked the same questions in life, and feel only my demons would answer me. You must take care of yourself entirely, but most importantly you must take […]
  • How it began
    What Drove Me To Creating Art? When I was a younger man, I often drew my inspiration from watching t.v shows such as Dragon Ball Z, sailor moon, the ninja turtles and even the old reboot cartoon. I was always easily entertained for hours with a pen and paper drawing things like Scooby Doo and […]
  • Welcome to Humanimal Creations
    I am excited today to be launching my new site here on WordPress. It’s going to be a fascinating journey and I hope you will stick around for the ride. What I aim to create Here in my blog I will be sharing a variety of art from graphics and videos I create or remix […]
  • Dear Yogi
    If you have ever had a person move your heart and soul, You will likely relate to this. It is safe to say that this person encourages me to do great things in life. Always motivating me and pushing me forward.